Executive Committee


Executive Committee

Chief Expert of China Automotive Technology & Research Center Deputy 
Director of China Automotive Strategy and Policy Research Center

Dr. Bin LIU focuses on automobile industry planning and automobile subsidy and taxation policy (lead) research. He has participated in drafting the Plan for the Adjustment and Revitalization of the Automobile Industry, the Development Plan for the Energy Conservation and New Energy Vehicle Industry (2012-2020), the Development Plan for the New Energy Vehicle Industry (2021-2035), the Notice on the Opinions on the Structural Adjustment of the Automobile Industry, etc. He has assisted the ministry in introducing policies such as automobile consumption tax reform (2006, 2008), vehicle purchase tax legislation, vehicle purchase tax exemption for fuel passenger cars, new energy vehicle subsidies (2009-2022), vehicle purchase tax exemption for new energy vehicles (2014.9-2023.12), automobile and motorcycle going to rural areas, and refined oil price tax reform. Currently commissioned by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to study the Roadmap for Green and Low Carbon Development in the Automotive Industry. Dr. Liu is also Member of the Zero Carbon Road Expert Committee of the Ministry of Propaganda. He has received two second-class and two third-class awards from the Automotive Industry Science and Technology Progress Award and four CATARC Science and Technology Achievement Awards.


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