Blue Book on China's Zero-Emission Transformation in Transportation


In the context of global efforts to address climate change, the transportation sector, as one of the major sources of greenhouse gas emissions, has attracted significant attention for its transition towards zero emissions. Moreover, as the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases, China's move towards zero emissions and achieving a low-carbon transformation holds profound significance. However, there are still pressing questions that need to be answered to overcome the challenges faced by China's transportation sector in deepening its transition to zero emissions. For instance, what challenges does China's transportation sector face in its zero emissions transition? What preparatory work is required to establish an emission accounting system in the transportation industry? How can the energy efficiency and electrification transformation of automobiles be continuously promoted? What international experiences can China draw upon for reference?


To address these questions, the "Blue Book on China's Zero-Emission Transformation in Transportation" has been published. This book is a comprehensive research report on the transition to zero emissions in the Chinese transportation sector. It was initiated by China Clean Transportation Partnership (CCTP) and jointly written by experts and researchers from various partners of CCTP, under the guidance of senior experts in the transportation, energy, and related industries.


The book is divided into eight chapters and presents 50 fascinating Q&A discussions on the most cutting-edge and typical topics in the transportation sector. Guided by China's "30/60 dual carbon" targets and policy framework, the transportation sector is accelerating its transition towards zero emissions. The book systematically analyzes the domestic and international trends and current status of transportation emissions, identifies the shortcomings in China's zero emission transition process, and provides in-depth analysis and discussions on key specific areas. It serves as a valuable resource for transportation regulatory agencies, research institutions, upstream and downstream enterprises, as well as the public, to understand the latest developments in the transition to zero emissions in transportation. It also provides necessary references for regulatory policy formulation and emission reduction strategy planning for businesses.


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